Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wood turning

I got back in the shop today for a while and started turning some cooking spoons for a friend. They are about 13" long with a slightly offset handle. Unfortunately, now that the turning is done, it is time to carve the bowls of the spoons. Not my favorite thing, but necessary. I will eventually get a page up about it but I am also trying to get some beginner pages up on tool selection, sharpening and the like. It is a pleasure to be turning spindles again. Maybe I will put the faceplate stuff on indefinite hold and do some more spindle work. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Darrell- - I've used a sander to carve out the spoons feature. Also I've used Oak and Maple for kitchen utensils and I'll opt for Maple anytime. I made a Maple pizza plater size spatula for pulling said from the oven with a belt sander only. That was fun. It's about 12 inches wide.


Darrell Feltmate said...

My plan is to remove the material inside with a sander and with carving tools. Outside I will use sanders for the majority of wood removal

I agree that maple is the preferred wood for kitchen use. I used elm simply because it looks good and I have a lot of it
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