Thursday, August 09, 2007

Roughing Gouge Video

Just as a follow up on the last video I made one on rounding the spindle blank down to a cylinder with a roughing gouge, complete with me forgetting to tighten the tool rest as I began. I think that technically, that is an "oops." Mostly I am getting used to the Windows Movie Maker software and comparing it to Nero. Once I get a voice over, I will get a longer video to the web site. I sort of have a half hour on turning a potato masher which is what I like for a carving mallet. Hey, if it works, it works. The video also shows a few seconds of bouncing the gouge off the square cylinder. One of the things that scares people from woodturning is attacking a square with a roughing gouge and having it shot back at them. If the gouge is first presented at more than 45° it will not cut or catch until the handle is raised and it cuts at 45°. Once a beginner learns this, a lot of the anxiety leaves.

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