Friday, April 20, 2007

(Not) Running Interference

Life can interfere with turning. There are only so many hours in the day and they do get taken up. Work is one thing but lately the plumbing has taken the rest. We have a well here but town sewer. The bladder has gone on my water tank and the pump is old so I think I will replace both. Meantime I have bubbling problems in one of the toilets and am trying to fix it. I think the vent is clogged but I can not seem to break it. Once I get off the roof I have to turn something. Unfortunately or fortunately Saturday will disappear for me this week. A friend a couple of hours from me had to take down a big oak so me and the chain saw have to clean up some of the wood for him by getting it to pile in the yard. Ain't life tough :-) He says the oak was about 18" across. Sounds good to me. I will post a couple of pictures of some apple I have been playing with soon.

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