Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I got to turn!

When I had the toilet off and snaked the lines, I of course wanted to return the toilet to use. Remember the broken flange? I got a new one only to find that it needed to be about 3/4" shorter than stock length. The old one had obviously been cut to fit the fitting in the concrete floor. Ever try to tell a store you need a fitting shorter than the other ten thousand they sold? We call this laughter, so I needed to cut down the flange. I had had to get an adjustable because of the drain size and availability so there was hardly anyway to hold it to cut it. I made a scrap wood jam chuck and turned it to fit the opening. Turning, turning!! Not much and some of it was not wood but it was all fun. I'll stick some info on the web site because some one else might need to do it some day.
Take care and turn safely.

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