Monday, April 23, 2007

Aaaah! Plumbing!

Is not plumbing fun? Especially when it makes no sense?
I have a problem with water flow and gurgling in the down stairs toilet, sink, and shower. It sounded like a vent problem. So I snaked the vent. No go. I snaked the line thinking it was a partial clog. No go. To snake the line I had to remove the toilet (don't ask). The toilet flange broke (don't ask). I got the old piece of flange separated from the fitting, now I have to get a new one and reinstall the toilet. Then I need to install a new pump and tank. This is called a day off. Turning sounds like fun.
Tonight I visit a family where the husband/father just died. Bad plumbing is not that bad.
Take care and turn safely.

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