Saturday, January 19, 2008

Natural Edged Bowl - Roughing Outside (3)Finding the Curve

For me, one of the things that keeps me coming back to the lathe is the everlasting hunt for the elusive curve. Every piece turned could be a little different with a subtle change in the curve of the bowl.

Here I have the fun of hunting in a spot where the curve changes dramatically as the bowl rotates. The line of the end will disappear around the side because the wood is simply not there. So the quest becomes a search for a curve that exists in different configurations at different spots. An ogee at one spot becomes a simple curve at another because half the figure is gone.

This is simply fun. The other side of all this is the wood is cheap to use. As I recall the pin cherry for this turning came from a tree that was too close to Dad's shed and was dying from black knot so it had to come down. Once I got it down, it was too good to toss so here it is.

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Klimb2hi said...

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the information you share about the woodturning.

Our son, Jonathan has just begun to take up this craft and is doing exceptional. We are amazed at his work. He learned through his uncle while we were on deputation/home assignment in the States.

Now we are back on the mission field where we serve currently on the island of Reunion. Interesting to see your daughter is planning on being a missionary.

We are hoping to find a lathe here so Jonathan can have some projects. This works well with his home schooling.

Would love to hear from you.


Jon R Kroeze