Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Natural Edged Bowl - Roughing Inside

Ta Dah! this is the 100th entry on the blog. Applause please. Now that we have that over, I have managed to get another video up on YouTube dealing with the natureal edged bowl. This is the fun part, roughing the inside. This is also the quickest part, especially here with so much air to turn. Air turns fast. Duh! As always, comments are appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I have the 15" Craftsman the same as you do, but I'm confined to a wheelchair, so I can only sit in front of it and turn wood. My wife has to sweep the shavings off of the floor. Is there anyway I can pay you for the outfit you use to tighten or replace the drive belt. The pulley is sort of stuck.. it stops spining the wood if I go below 800rpm.. and thats not good if my wife has mounted a big out of round log for me. but those big out of round logs seem to have the prettiest grain when turned down. right now I have to spin them at 800rpm and hope it will not fly off of the centers. I've been lucky so far.. but I would really like to slow it down. snd you are the only person that I could find that can make the equipment for tightening or replacing the drive belt or pullies.