Monday, December 03, 2007

Roughing a Bowl, Video 7; turning the inside (a)

I know this is dragging out but it takes ages to get a decent video out especially being the amateur I am. Besides, YOuTube only lets me put up so much in one clip and it is the easiest way to get the stuff out that I have seen so far. I will eventually get some of these on a file for download to a CD or DVD if anyone is interested.
The bowl is continuing on. Unfortunately for me, clearing the inside is one of the fastest parts of roughing a bowl and is also one of the most fun. This five minute clip in real time flips the bowl to remount, measures the sides and bottom for good drying and narrows the tenon for later release. The tools used are a 3/8" and 1/4" Oland. This is likely one of the reasons that I have a lot of bowls waiting to be refinished but that is a later project time and another video.

One of the things I have in mind is a set of short videos on Oland tool cuts, again if anyone is interested. At present I am in the beginning stages of video and pictures of a Wood Turning Basics web book based on the Milton and Wohlers text and I will bounce back and forth from doing that and other projects for the next year at least until it is done.

Anyway, enjoy the video or at least watch it and as always, any comments are welcome.


m said...

Darrell said: "I know this is dragging out"

Everything worthwhile takes time. I admire your work, how you work, your willingness to share that information, and most of all how much time you devote to doing just that. Thank you for your continuing contributions to those of us who do not have your abilities.


Darrell Feltmate said...

Thanks Michael
All false modesty aside, I think the main ability has little talent but a lot of desire and stubbornness. Besides, the videos and web page are a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...


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Can I use some of the information from your blog post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


Darrell Feltmate said...

Sure John. This material is meant to be used. Just give a link back to the blog and to