Monday, May 21, 2007

wet apple hollow form

Is this not cool? I will get back to posting about the other piece soon but I got a chance to start this one from a wet log of apple I have in the shop. Soon I will have a series up about playing with this log but this is just fun. It is like turning in the rain the wood is so green. I am going to lose about an inch off the bottom of this and I think I will have to pull the top back some to fit the new curve and to adjust so the majority of the piths will be on or close to center. It should move dramatically as it dries. I still have to mount it to a face plate, final turn and hollow it.


Unknown said...

Lucky you!

You get time in the workshop and have wet apple to work with! I love fruit wood, and I never get shop time... bugger!

I hope you enjoy it very much, and don't forget a towel, it's gonna get very wet.

Darrell Feltmate said...

Usually the hard part is getting the apple. Right now it is getting the time to turn it. I have a pile of dry apple that needs to be turned and a pile of green apple that I want to turn and little time to do either. One of the guys at church has to prune a limb off his apple tree and asked if I wanted it? Oh yeah. He describes it as about 6" diameter and 5 feet long.