Thursday, May 03, 2007

Continuing to "peel" the apple

So now the yard is a mess and the garden by the door is not, but I did get the plants moved and heeled in to move back as the time comes. We can flush and brush in safety and the rat's nest of pipe has been replaced. The plumber and backhoe guy are both happy with me.

I have placed a couple more pages of the apple hollow form on the web site. Most of this is old hat except it never is. Sometimes I do repetitive turning and it can be boring although it has its own rewards. This stuff with odd wood is never the same even if I do the same kind of form again and again. I can see where just keeping it in one piece is a challenge, let alone seeking a good form and curve to show off its beauty. I also like the design challenges at this stage such as

  • should I turn until the cracks are gone?

  • Is that possible or do the cracks go all the way through?

  • How far up do the screws go in the piece? I want to miss them when I later turn the bottom.

  • Should there be holes (negative space) where there are incurves or should I turn them away?

Granted that these are physical questions as much as artistic design, but one does influence the other. This is fun to reflect on as well as to do physically.

The new stuff is over at the apple form page 3.

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