Saturday, November 03, 2007

Maple log: ornaments

Well the saga of the bird's eye log continues. I have not found much bird's eye but the wood is great. It varies from a cream sap wood to a dark heart and there is some nice spalting here and there. Because of deep surface cracks most of it will end up as ready spindles. I turned a couple of Christmas tree ornaments to try some of it. It is lovely to turn. In another day or two I will have a page up on making these icicles. Each one is just under 5" long with the largest diameter about 1/2".


Stephen said...

this would also be a good use of pen blanks.

Darrell Feltmate said...

True Stephen.
You can get some amazing wood at great prices as pen blanks. On the other hand, I usually have so many offcuts that I have a huge supply of stuff to turn for these items.

Steve said...

Hi Darrell glad to see that you are still alive and well;-). I used to check out your aroundthewoods web site often for turning advice but not been able to access it for a while and wondered if anything was wrong.
Will keep checking it periodically.

Darrell Feltmate said...

Hi Steve
To the best of my knowledge, there is no problem with the web site. In fact I have posted a couple of new projects lately. Yesterday there were over 2000 page views so keep trying. Around the Woods