Monday, October 22, 2007

Wood Turning Friends

One of the great aspects of wood turning is the friends you make along the way. One of the fellows at church was talking about things with another friend as they stood by the wood pile. As the friend commented on how dry the wood was he picked at a piece of bark to real bird's eye underneath. The log was about 12 feet long and around 9 inches at the butt. My friend said I could have it if I wanted. Now the log was 2 years old and had surface cracks but I still said, "sure."

I took out the saw and cut it into manageable pieces and brought it home. Even though the log was 2 years old I Anchorsealed the ends.

One of my intentions is to document the using of this log to give folks an understanding of how you might work with something like this. Everyone does it a little different but it should be fun to compare notes as I go.


little weed said...

I have only just found this blog (though cannot get into the web site) and it looks like it could become a favorite one for me!
I look forward to seeing the progress of this wood.

Darrell Feltmate said...

Try the link again. I have been getting about 1900 page views a day on the site. If the link will not work for you try
cut and paste in your browser. I know it works in IE, Opera, and Firefox.

little weed said...

well, my computer won't go in on firefox or explorer, it's just being awkward!
never mind , the blog is good! and the new turner thing is great. thank you.