Monday, September 03, 2007

New Wood Turning Challenge

The vacation trip is going well. We have moved my daughter into her new apartment and she has a cat, which I am told is necessary in order to have a true home. I have had little time to see any wood turnings except for a few which my daughter and my son have. I am amazed to see the pieces and realize that I have turned them. Often they look better after I have been away from them for a while. At one of the hotels we stayed at I saw an interesting lamp in some sort of mass produced porcelain. I think it will make a nice wood turned lamp when all is said and done. The body could be a hollow form to reduce weight and the top and base could be turned in contrasting woods. I think I will make the base round instead of square. Comments?


Mike said...

Hollow, yes, but not too light. It has to support the harp and shade on top and hands fumbling to find the switch. Even with a switch on the cord, someone will try to find it on the light socket in the dark.

The shape in interesting. The photo make it look like it has flat sides, though they may be curved. This is the same shape as a Cherry Hollowform I made and subsequently won a 1st Place at my county's fair a few years ago (see )

Darrell Feltmate said...

I have to agree. I think the base will be maple burl and the body likely pin cherry, but about 3/8" thick. Accents of ash or maple would be nice. A heavy base should lend the stability needed.