Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spruce Burl Dreams

While I was at Summer Camp last week as spiritual director, my wife got a call from a fellow I have never met who had had some work done in his back yard. He had a "couple" of spruce burls if I was interested in them. He and his wife were going to their cottage for a while but they were in the back yard so I could just go get them if I wanted them. So I backed my van into the driveway this morning and looked. There were 29 burls ranging from 6" to about 24" by guess. I loaded them into the van and brought them home. It amazes me that I can back into someone's driveway, load the van, and leave with no one saying anything. These burls look like a lot of fun and I will see they get one back.


Unknown said...

Why don't I have such neighbours? :-(

Some of these can make beautiful mushrooms and pumpkins... I have no idea how these turn but would love to see the results.

Darrell Feltmate said...

Aren't neighbors great? A few times I have come home to find a log in the yard. No note, no idea, just the log. I like it. When I get time to turn, we will see some of these burls. I like the thought of a pumpkin. Maybe some orange dye?

Anonymous said...

Hi Darrell. I turn spruce burls quite often although many will not touch them. Just make sure you wear long sleeves and keep some solvent around otherwise you might be sticking to your shop walls or worse, the wife's prize furniture!

Darrell Feltmate said...

I hear you. In fact I resemble not only that remark but also a pile of shavings. On the other hand I wear my work well :-) I keep a broom for me next to the shop door. I call it a marital happiness keeper.