Sunday, October 29, 2006

Craft Show

Saturday we had what I think is our only show this Christmas. Several others have asked us to go in but time retraints this year simply do not allow it. Last year we went to several. It is wearying but fun. I find that the small shows work better for me than the large ones. The bigger shows tend to have so much stuff that people are exhausted by the time they see everything and then really do not feel like buying. Smaller shows are easier for people to get around, cheaper for the space, and if the manager is good, have better product and tend to get better buyers. At least in my opinion. We had fun, the other vendors were super, the customers were friendly and sales were good. What more could I ask?

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Dorothy said...

Hi Darrell,
We've been looking at your site, and discovered your blog. Site is looking very nice!
Troy Dennis says "hi" :)
Dan's down in our shop turning a bowl right now.