Sunday, October 29, 2006

Craft Show

Saturday we had what I think is our only show this Christmas. Several others have asked us to go in but time retraints this year simply do not allow it. Last year we went to several. It is wearying but fun. I find that the small shows work better for me than the large ones. The bigger shows tend to have so much stuff that people are exhausted by the time they see everything and then really do not feel like buying. Smaller shows are easier for people to get around, cheaper for the space, and if the manager is good, have better product and tend to get better buyers. At least in my opinion. We had fun, the other vendors were super, the customers were friendly and sales were good. What more could I ask?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thinking of Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching if you are thinking of finishing a raft of gifts for the big day, even faster if they have to be mailed. This year we are taking a quick trip to Thailand to visit our daughter so a couple of weeks are vanishing. Work is also rearing its ugly head as the Christmas rush comes on. It is a good thing I love my work. I have been finishing up a bunch of stuff for craft shows. We are only doing a couple this year because of travel and a course I am on. I will get some pictures up as time permits.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Work in progress is done

The work in progress, a big wing bowl, I guess it might be called, is done. I will leave the explanation on the site Around the Woods Work in Progress page 11 as a work in progress for now and later I will start another and move this to a project page.
It was a lot of fun, some design on the fly, and a good learning time. I may do another with a square look inside, sort of a square hole in round bowl kind of thing. In addition, I may do one with more of an outcurve. That would be easier and faster since I could do it all with an Oland and not need the hollowing tool. There is a stack of pin cherry outside to play with.
On the other hand, Christmas is coming and although we are only doing a couple of shows this year on account of travel, I still need some ornaments, mushrooms and pens done. Lots of time for fun projects later.